And just what we needed! Our game from the Mexican u17 league- Tijuana u17 vs Lobos Buap u17, we got our 3-1 scoreline!!!

Enjoy your winnings gentlemen and keep watching the blog, a new game could be announced at any time.


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28 thoughts on “Won!!!

    1. I seriously used to think all these online fixed matches ads where all scamms until I found this blog. Played twice won twice now.

  1. Don, you live in Vegas right? can we meetup for a beer sometime? My own way of thanking you for all you’ve done for me. It’s just unbelievable what you’re doing on this blog man.

  2. You are amazing man, before you I have bought lot’s of fixed matches and they all where scams, this is the second time I am buying a game from you and having exactly the predicted result, I can’t thank you enough man, all I can say is more grease to your elbow. You really are touching lives, at least I can speak for myself.

  3. I am always too scared to subscribe and all this winnings are simply passing me buy. Please get us another Donnie.

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