16 Odd Game On The 15th Of April

After my little vacation I am back, and I am bringing you guys a 16 odd game, it’s gonna be played on the 15th of this month, I am gonna be giving you a correct score prediction, and what are the chances of failure? 0.

100% certain correct score result, the price is $500, payments should be in cryptocurrency.

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32 thoughts on “16 Odd Game On The 15th Of April

  1. Some of you guys really should be more patient with me, don’t get mad if I don’t reply your mail 30 seconds after it hits my inbox, you aren’t the only one emailing and there so much one man can do.

    1. Thank you for this blog Mr Allen, I can’t afford to play yet but been following since last year and I am very impressed. I hope a free game is thrown in the mix soon.

  2. Donnie are you giving out our email addresses in any way? Some African guy emailed me and was pleading to share a game with him, of course I told him to fuck off but how did he get my email address in the first instance?

    1. No idea, can you send me an email, give me the address that emailed you, and have you ever posted your email address on the blog before? Even though I try to clean up the comments, I make mistakes too, so it might have been you posting because I never gave nobody email addresses of my readers.

    2. Why are you coming here to blow your trumpet? What makes you think Donnie will give email out? Stop looking for cheap popularity. Africa is not the poorest continent in the world, they can afford it as well. Tnks Donnie for your good work.

  3. Free tip for you guys. Place a bet quickly if you have an online bookmaker. The Spanish segunda match between Huesca and Albacete that’s live now is gonna be 0-0 at half time. Place your bets NOW before the odds crashes to nothing. We are 6 minutes into the game right now

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