Become 7X Richer On May 9. 100% Guaranteed Match Outcome.

This is one of those games I tell you to play with your house rent money if you like, because there is just no losing with this one.

Date- May 9, 2018

Odd- 7

Price- $300

Payment methods- Bitcoin, Etherum

P.S- Special shout out to John Wick, coming all the way from Florida to Vegas to hang with me, we had a good time, his own way of saying thank you to me, actions like yours keep me going, $300 isn’t very much but I have made lots of friends ever since I got into this, and y’all have shown me so much love, and I promise never to let you all down, I’d keep bringing them genuine fixed games to you all for as long as I can.


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60 thoughts on “Become 7X Richer On May 9. 100% Guaranteed Match Outcome.

  1. Do you have special treatment for some people, the last free game you shared in the comments of your last post I have seen before on another website, the man who posted it said he got it from you, which means you had the game for a long time and only shared on the blog yesterday. C’mon man some of us really need just one free game to become customers for life, some saw the free game, but most didn’t I am sure, it would be better to post 3 days before a free game, that would help us all.

    1. I do in fact give special treatment to some people, I just decided my old time customers should naturally be rewarded for being with me from the start so they hear about everything first, I emailed that free game to everyone who has bought at least one game from me before, and they had enough time to place their bets.

      Listen bro, life is a struggle you gotta stop looking to get things for free and struggle to get what you want, I have helped people who didn’t have $300 to buy my games before, they presented their case before me and I made compromises for them, so I am no bad guy.

  2. It will be a great favour if you can drop a free game so that we can be able to subscribe.. I understand that this is your business but your kindness will never go unappreciated. God bless.

      1. Hello Don, has your game ever lost? What are the provisions for subscribers if/when a game is lost?


  3. the issue is that few of us don’t have such money to buy games. Anyway, congrats I. advance to those who can afford it. You are too good Dannieallen

      1. If I pay now, do I get the tips now or few hours to the match? Need to know so I can know how to manage my schedule not to miss the tips before I pay.


      2. Hello Don,
        My previous comment was deleted. I asked when does one get the tips. Does one get the tips if he pays now or few hours to the game?
        I want to know this so I will be aware and know how to plan my schedules not to miss the tips.


      1. Thanks for replying my previous post. Please I want to ask if your tips can be played on Nigerian local bookies like bet9ja?


      1. Hello Mr. Don,
        I sent you a request mail yesterday which you replied I sent you a reminder today. I’ve done as requested. Hoping for your positive reply. Thanks.


      2. Hello Mr. Don,
        Sent you a request mail yesterday which you asked me to send you a reminder today. I will be awaiting your positive reply.

        Thanks a lot.


  4. Good work here Donnie.
    please can u kindly broadcast your free game for confidence when next you have one, so all your fans can join the payment team.
    thanks in anticipation.

  5. Hi Donnie just stumbled and very impressed. How can I make a payment if I don’t have bitcoin. I am from Nigeria . How best can I make payment to you. Can I do a wire transfer to your account?

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