Another Win!

As promised Dessel Sport vs Knokke played out the correct match score result I predicted.

Dessel Sport 1 v Knokke 2

Enjoy your winnings gentlemen and ladies, until next time.

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26 thoughts on “Another Win!

  1. I am so buying the next one, I have always been afraid, but not anymore, something must kill a man anyways.

  2. Hello Don,

    You said “predicted” in your write up. Are these games fixed games or analytically predicted games?

    I am asking so one can manage his stake and know the limit to what he stakes with your tips.

  3. Being following you for months now Donnie anf when you where on IG in 2016 I followed your page. I’d by a game soon. Saving up.

  4. Hey Don, I have been following you for a while even while using gagabet then. I want to ask, have your games ever lost, whether this year or last year or times past?
    Has it ever lost?

  5. It’s funny how a lot of people win but since they got the money in the bag don’t bother coming back to drop a comment like when the blog first started.

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