Fixed Game Coming Up On July 13!!! Don’t Miss!!

We got a fixed game coming up on the 13th of July.

It is pretty much loss proof, you can place a bet with your house rent with no fear things could go South!!!!

Odds- 10.75

Price- $300

Payment methods- Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Contact email-

Author: admin

83 thoughts on “Fixed Game Coming Up On July 13!!! Don’t Miss!!

  1. Why should anyone want a free game considering the amount of money involved in making arrangements for these matches.

        1. The cheapest matches begin at a total cost of $10,000. We get our investment back by subscriptions which we place bets with, when our winning is split among the 12 of us who are involved here, it’s peanuts.

          1. A lot of things goes into arranging what y’all buy for just $300, more trouble than you might think.

        1. Look, when we place a bet we have manipulated, we have an edge over the house, any other way and the house has the advantage.

          Over several bets even a very good tipster would eventually lose his money, you just can’t win.

          1. False I know professional gamblers that are profitable, they are a very small percentage who do actually make money from sports betting but to join this class of people requires so much self control and focus that the average man just can’t have.

  2. Is there no other means of getting u(admin) except through this platform? I will like to have one-on-one talk with u for clarification purpose if need be.

  3. I know I have been paying for the tips but man am I grateful and flabbergasted by what you do? I know you get these Thomases talking and saying negative stuff like a forum I was on recently, but be sure those who have made money from here would always trust and believe in you. One of those morons on that forum was even talking about ‘if you where real, you’d give test games and shit’ which is extremely stupid sense of entitlement in my opinion, we are behind you bro.

  4. My problem with these guys that claim to have a fixed game is the moment you pay them and the game cuts they come up with lame excuses – It’s not like I want my money back but a little bit sense of sympathy for the man who parted with his money thinking he was dealing with genuine elements would suffice.

    1. You should kill that habit of generalizing lest you miss a lot of opportunities because you let your experiences prevent you from using your head to properly analyze a situation.

    1. I should have, if I haven’t do resend so I don’t have to begin sorting it out from my already crowded inbox.

    1. I wish you guys would stop making this ‘subscribing’ comment, it really adds nothing to the conversation.

  5. Hello Donnie,
    Sent you a mail. Please how much is $300 in bitcoins. Please reply in my inbox. And hope it isn’t too late

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