Bet Won!

Good morning world!

I am sure y’all woke up with a smile on your face. 😀

As I told y’all it was gonna turn out in the Brazilian Serie B Paysundu Vs Vila Nova ended with a correct scoreline of 1-2.

First half ending in a draw, Vila Nova nicking it in the end.

Congratulations everyone, keep following the blog.

Until next time gentlemen.

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30 thoughts on “Bet Won!

  1. It’s so sad that after all the stress I went through to get bit coin I was still unable to make it in time. Congrats to those who won it. Am certainly not missing out the next one. More grease to your elbow Donnie.✌

    1. I am working on one for July 22. If it works out I’d be posting information on that later in the day, but it might be more expensive than the usual, the odds on this one is bigger than the usual.

      Keep refreshing the homepage.

    1. I won’t be announcing it on the blog, but it is indeed gonna happen. The odds are huge and not many of y’all would be able to afford it anyway

  2. This guy is legit folks! Lucky to have found this website. Please don’t publicize too much so we don’t get the attention of the wrong people they might wanna shut down the website.

    1. The cash is in the bag son, when you just won $3000 coming to gagabet to leave a comment would be the last thing on your mind trust me.

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