44 thoughts on “Leo Silva Is First Goal Scorer!! Bet Won!!

  1. I am so ******* impressed right now, following for half a year, still don’t have the cash to place bets yet.

  2. I am not the type to gamble but when I found your blog in 2017, it’s been win after win, I don’t even need my job right now but I have to do some explaining about the source of all the money to a religious family.

    1. Hi Moses.

      I’m thinking of registering at Bet365 but I’m not too sure of which bank to use for withdrawals.

      It must be to a Dom account right? Or can one use an ordinary savings?


  3. I sent you something extra to the address you gave to me, after being scammed several times this feels like salvation.

  4. All I do is win (Khaled voice)

    Can we have some kind of email subscription list so we can get email alerts when there is an upcoming game without having to come check the website everyday?

  5. Admin you are doing a nice job. May God keep, guard and protect you. Am working round the clock to raise money for sbscription. I cant wait to be a testifier. Please, give me discount for upcoming subscription I am just joining. Thanks

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