Extremely Certain Selection For August 12! 13 Odds!! Don’t Miss!!!

I got news for you thousandnaires, millionaires and future millionaires, on the 12th of August there is gonna be a game in the Bolivian first division that is in control of yours truly, details below.


This information was edited. For details visit

Correction On Announced Match Information.

The correct match information is as follows

August 12th 2018

Division- Bolivian Primera Division- Clausura

Match- The Strongest Vs Oriente Petrolero

Result- *********

Odds- 13

Price- $300

Payment method- Bitcoin, Ethereum and Skrill.

Contact email-  contactgagabet@gmail.com

Author: admin

128 thoughts on “Extremely Certain Selection For August 12! 13 Odds!! Don’t Miss!!!

      1. My email account was suspended for some reason, I’d contact you with an alternate email address immediately.

    1. I made some travel plans, and I am not sure about picking up money orders over there as it is a small island country.

    1. I googled that and after going through the website, I am sure they would have our fixture and bet selection on there.

  1. Discovering this website in late 2017 was a mistake, a lot of money been made and I can’t even afford to subscribe

      1. No, I meant it’s killing me a lot of people are making so much money but I can’t make any because I don’t have $300 to buy a game.

        It would have felt better not to know about the website at all.

  2. I’m also in the same shoe as u but u will need to open bet365 fast if u don’t want to lose out. I just opened one now and I’m seriously seeking for verification cos it takes process. I pray I’m able to finish before the game is played. I’m still considering 1xbet but I don’t know how genuine they are.

    1. Something I have noticed is that it’s always better using local bookies, I am Kenyan and I once tried making 365 my bookmaker of choice but registration was difficult with the documents they wanted. Use your local bookies unless online betting is illegal where you live.


  3. Sorry I’m asking a dumb question.

    How do you get to know the odds; like first player to score (the last game you tipped) when it is not yet featured by the bookies?

    1. That’s no dumb question

      I do it the same way the bookmakers determine the odds, in the event I am wrong which happens sometimes, the error margin is small.

      It’s gonna be a long explanation but you can do a Google search with the term “how bookmakers determine odds”

    1. I do not live online, be patient, I reply all emails at least those that are deserving of a response at least.

  4. And a word of advice guys, if you are placing over $1000 on this game, endeavor to spread your bets, do not place all $1000+ with a single bookie.
    You might not run into problems but it’s always better to not give your bookie any reason to be suspicious.

    1. Thanks for the tip, I am buying the next game and I have often wondered if it is no big deal consistently withdrawing huge amounts from the bookies.

  5. Being following your blog for 6 months now, and I am finally ready to go in but I presently do not have any cryptocurrency. What do I do?

    With love from Belgium, keep up the good work.

  6. Keep up the good work, 2 years and counting. Proving the doubters wrong with every tip.
    Bless up my brother.

  7. I am sorry to be posting this so close to match time but I hope a decent number of y’all get to see it.
    This is a free tip for y’all I just got information on it now.

    Brazil Serie B
    Ponte Preta v Avai
    Result- Halftime draw.

    Maximum stake please, this is 100% certain!!

    1. You should have learnt to stop sweating it by now when I give you a match tip, especially when I specifically say it is 100% certain.

  8. Buying the game for August 11 immediately and paying $400, just my way of appreciating what you did for me today.

  9. Not that y’all aren’t welcome, I was just thinking aloud, maybe someone talked about me in some public place and you guys came to check me out or something.

    1. Yes, you are right. I led a campaign on one of Nigeria’s biggest blogs about your genuineness even though i have not bought your game before due to cash cruncy but i wholeheartedly believe you. I guess they are clicking your link i shared. Hope i did no wrong

  10. Saved up at last! Pls send me payment details pls. @my/this email used for this comment. Really can’t wait to join the club

  11. I want to be part of this fixedgame on the 11th but can only pay for it by 10th. I hope that won’t be too late. Admin please do reply.

  12. Good day admin,though the price is a bit on the high side for a everage Nigerian but u re incredibly great I appreciate u….though am a student am also looking forward to partake on this in other to meet pressing needs but funds right now is a issue…never the less u a awesome

    1. Thank you bro.
      Getting lots of your country men on my blog lately. You guys get a bad rap everywhere but I have come to realise Nigerians aren’t what they say they are.

  13. The testimonies looks great, But am broke that I can’t afford $350 at this moment. Wishing the subscribers the best on the 11th Of August and beyond

  14. The testimonies look so great ,how I wish to join but I just can’t afford $300 at this moment. Wishing the subscribers the best on the 12th of August and beyond

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