Correction On Announced Match Information.

Hi guys, I have noticed there was a mistake with the match information posted earlier. And this has been corrected accordingly in my post here

Extremely Certain Selection For August 11! 18 Odds!! Don’t Miss!!!

The match posted earlier was gonna happen in September, and while we are working on that game, it wasn’t the one due to be posted. All wrong information on that post has been corrected.

I have sent an email to everyone of you who bought the game 2 days ago, I feel I should correct this on the blog too.



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17 thoughts on “Correction On Announced Match Information.

  1. The testimonies looks great but I can’t afford $300 at this moment . Wishing the subscribers the best on the 12th and beyond.

  2. Pity I will be missing out on this. I was really looking forward to this, my bank mess things up for me, won’t get credited until tomorrow. I can only wish and pray the next fixed game come up pretty soon.

  3. Id confess it took a lot to convince me this was a good idea. But I am so glad I manned up and took this risk. I’d be sending loads of traffic this way, promise.

  4. Being following two,everyday i see people testimonies and only which i can partake,even getting a loan to finance this is extremelly difficult,like my people would say,NA WA 4 WIRE ROAD O

    1. Don’t spam my blog, if you ain’t got something meaningful to say. People like you are why I can’t let the comments section be without moderation.

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