Fixed Game Coming Up On August 24. You Shouldn’t Miss.

Hey Guys, good morning to y’all from somewhere in Nevada.

We got a big game coming up on the 24th. Ordinarily you guys know the price goes up with the odds, but I got a lot of emails telling me how my games are too expensive and all, so this one time I’d leave the fee at $300.

Details below.

Date- August 24

Market- Correct score

Payment methods- Bitcoin, Ethereum.

My email-



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60 thoughts on “Fixed Game Coming Up On August 24. You Shouldn’t Miss.

  1. Hi admin. Getting cryptocurrency in my country of residence is almost impossible, but I desperately want to buy a game this time around. If you can take bank deposits I can pay double your asking price if you want.
    I do NOT want to miss this one. Please reply.

  2. I have been promoting your website in many places, please I can’t afford your fee, I’d like you to be considerate with me, can we have some kind of deal? Pls.

  3. I just want to say thank you for all the good work you’ve been doing. I have been with you for a very long time, and it’s been win after win. On the two occasions I have bought a game, they have been wins, I hope that isn’t going to change now.
    Good luck to you, me and everyone.

  4. i have being for almost a year now just viewing and wishing i can partake in the joy,sadl5 its wsy above my earnings,wishing anybody could help

  5. General announcement. If you paid for the upcoming game and I haven’t sent you any information today, send me an email asap.

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