Bet Won || Upcoming Fixed Game On August 30, Don’t Miss!

Just as I told y’all it was gonna be, it was.

CA Fenix 1- 2 All Boys.

Congratulations to everyone who played.

Coming up on the 30th of August is an 11 odd selection from Eastern Europe, it is 100% certain to happen, don’t miss, details below.

Odds- 11

Price- $200

Accepted payment methods- Bitcoin. Bank Account payments are available for the following countries- USA, UK, Germany, South Korea, South Africa, Nigeria and Australia.


Author: admin

59 thoughts on “Bet Won || Upcoming Fixed Game On August 30, Don’t Miss!

  1. Hello sir, I want the game but getting BTC is difficult in my country is difficult, I checked your list and my country isn’t on the list of countries you accept bank payments from, I’d love it if there is something you can do for me.

  2. Should have come in earlier but my timezone plays catch up to everyone of yours.
    This is my first time winning anything substantial in betting. Thank you very much, I know I paid but thank you bro.

  3. Hello Admin.. Good day. I dropped you a mail and I humbly request you read. Thanks
    Congrats to all winners of the last game

  4. I’ve been following the website for more than a month now, I can’t but appreciate the good work the admin is doing, I’m a student and I wish I could afford this games it would have gone a long way in changing my life and that of my poor mom, I owe that woman a lot… all the same well done admin, and congratulations to the winners, I hope you guys keep winning.

  5. As some of you might have noticed I have been unavailable for the last 2 days, yours sincerely is back now and we can do business again.

    Y’all know the official communication channel, the email is right on top of the blog, if you emailed within the past day and haven’t gotten a response, you’d be getting one shortly as I am getting right to responding to emails right now.

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