We Got Our Result! Important Announcement In Post, Pls Read.

Good morning everyone, I bet y’all had a good nights rest after yesterday’s result.

I won’t be announcing what game we placed our bet on in other not to give our partners away but if you bought the game you know how it went already I am sure, some of you have been here to leave your thanks before I even made a victory post. We’ve been turned down by a couple of guys because we announce what bets we played on the blog, all we where trying to do was increase confidence in our tips for newcomers, but we shall be putting an end to that going forward.

Congratulations to us all, keep following the blog, we are working on something REALLY REALLY BIG.

I should also add we at Gagabet have launched a subscription service, so instead of paying $300 for every game, we are now offering 5 game packs for $750 but those who are more comfortable with paying $300 per game still have that option.

We also have a VIP service for games we do not announce on the blog, the price is $4000 per year.

If you’d like to talk to us, fill the form below.

Take care guys.

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23 thoughts on “We Got Our Result! Important Announcement In Post, Pls Read.

  1. Hey donnie ! I’m your biggest fan. i’ve been following your blog for a while now.. and i really wanna buy one of your games but i just can’t afford it..

    one free game from you would really go a long way in helping me and others that are trying to get enough money to buy a game.

    the odds can be as little as 9 Odds.. That Would Really Help Us Bro.

    Please Don’t Get Upset by my request bro … i know it might be kind of annoying. so please i’m sorry. it’s ok if my request can’t be granted. i understand.

    Lastly , you are doing great bro.. you’re helping lives.. Keep Up The Good Work..

  2. You’re doing an excellent job on here, I have only just bought a game the last time but been following for over a year. God bless.

  3. Your subscription service is good news, more cost effective and I don’t have to keep buying BTC every time there is a game.

    1. 4k a year. You get games we don’t post on the blog. You could only get this option by invitation only before now, we choose which people we tell about this. We also have a passworded forum right on this website for members of this group, we are throwing this out in the open now, get in if you want to.

        1. I am being honest bro.
          Everyone, I mean everyone in that 4k club have won crazy money I wouldn’t mention here, clue: Our average 4k club member’s stake size is $2500. Their input are considered when we are trying to decide on a game to have a say in too.

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