Big Game You Will Regret Missing. 26 Odds.

Good evening guys, the team just completed all arrangements and we are having that big game I announced we where working on getting earlier, details below.


Odds- 26

Price- $400 (this price doesn’t apply to members)

Match date- September 10.

Payment method- Bitcoin.

Send us a message with the form below or email us directly at CONTACTGAGABET@GMAIL.COM


We got special information for our subscribed member’s, If you are a subscribed member of our service, 5 game packs and VIP yearly subscription, proceed to the members forum by clicking HERE. You will be required to enter your personal members password to view page content.

*If you are unable to buy bitcoin in your country, contact us with the form or email us directly and we might be able to help.

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65 thoughts on “Big Game You Will Regret Missing. 26 Odds.

  1. Some guy named Raul Carrillo emailed me claiming to work for you, he wanted me to send some money to some other Bitcoin address

    1. I got no Raul working for me. And you probably left your email address somewhere in the comments on some earlier post, I’d try find it and take it down, who knows what Raul could do next. And guys stop leaving your personal information in your comments!

  2. I did something stupid, I had $600 and I was going to buy a game and was going to place a $200 bet, but I had the crazy idea to bet on premier league games to try double that money so I can place a $500 bet, but lost almost all the money. Please help me.

    1. $50,000 could pay my bills for a week or two out here bro. Multiple visits to the strip and a private jet trip to ATL to blow some more thousands.

  3. IMPORTANT ANOUNCEMENT- I was gonna put this in my next post but my fingers hurt from typing it out when I get multiple inquiries a day so I might as well say this now…the prices for the subscription services have gone up. Below are the new rates.
    5 game pack- $1200

    VVIP(A years worth of exclusive fixed matches + my phone number)- $5000

    For the uninitiated, you might laugh at the fact I included my phone number but believe me when I say it is worth more than 5 G’s when it’s in your phone book. But please google up “time in Nevada” before calling me at odd hours with the excuse you live halfway around the world in Beijing.

    Lucky if you already subscribed.

    Gotta catch some sleep now gentlemen.

    1. Spam, posting contact details in comment and double comments like you just did. This blog is also plagued by bots posting links and making generic comments like “terrific manual” when I didn’t even post a manual.

      Moderation is a must to improve user experience I believe.

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