23 Odd Selection Coming Up On The 10th Of October.

Great result from the PFC Sochi game.

Moving on, we got something for Oct. 10.

Details below.


Odds- 23

Price- $400 (this price doesn’t apply to members)

Match date- Oct 10.

Payment method- Bitcoin.

Send us a message with the form below or email us directly at CONTACTGAGABET@GMAIL.COM


We got special information for our subscribed member’s, If you are a subscribed member of our service, 5 game packs and VIP yearly subscription, proceed to the members forum by clicking HERE. You will be required to enter your personal members password to view page content.

*If you are unable to buy bitcoin in your country, contact us with the form or email us directly and we might be able to help.

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21 thoughts on “23 Odd Selection Coming Up On The 10th Of October.

  1. You promised free game and made people to filled the form, as for me i requested twice but nothing was sent to me, i wonder if was the gods only you are sending the tips to.

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